11 Nov 2011

Exhibition Starts

I've got a rather large exhibition coming up in Sydney, in January which I'm preparing for. I'm working with an amazing company, full of inspiring, talented and of course, well dressed people, details to follow shortly. Of the exhibition and my hosts, that is, not on what they're wearing.

Some pictures, in the meantime, of some of the roughs I'm working on.
There's will be 15 Astronaut themed posters (surprise, eh!) in editions of 50 and 15 very large abstract mono prints. Plus, to boot, some homewares - bedlinen, cushion covers and a few other special things if Lady Time is kind to me.
My arms ache already and I'm not yet halfway through printing the posters.
I'm really lucky to have got Ryan from United Measures doing the vast bulk of my framing - nothing like some special fluro splines!


Capree said...

I am SO excited to see what you've been working on! And, oh my goodness, your prints + United Measures = the pinnacle of perfection.

Kate said...

I really love what I've been working on, every morning I've been leaping out of bed excited, plus I've had other jobs to slot in and it's just gone swimmingly! I'm one very lucky bunny filled with joy.

Capree said...

Good! I love joy-filled bunnies.

Marcela Restrepo said...

They are looking fantastic Kate!!

Kate said...

Thankyou! I'm nothing without you two :)

Anna said...

Oh, wonderful, Kate! And HOUSEWARES OMG!!!!