19 Dec 2011

Especially for Kate Gibb because apparently, she was sick of looking at the last post.
Busy honey, I've been busy!


Kate Gibb said...

Er ... don't think you can fob me off with a few instamatic smart ass photos... ha ha (eek - hope your hubby didn't take them?? If so, LOVE them all!).
Happy 2012, its the year of the Screenprinter, apparently... XXXX

Kate said...

I took them smart ass Alec!
Al's actually in one of them, look carefully, put your specs on.
Quite apparently it's true, especially as last year was the year of the "I've got some software on my computer, therefore I'm a graphic designer".

I miss you xxx

Kate Gibb said...

Oh geez .. I'm so OVER that blog post ... I know you're super busy (YAY!) but does these mean you need to starve your fans...? And ex-boss?! I MISS YOU TOO, (emoticon) xxx