20 Feb 2012

Exhibition hanging

Thanks to the very lovely Marcela and of course my ever patient better half, Alistair, we got up part of the exhibition today.... I've not seen all the prints together in their entirety seeing as 6 of them were so big they had to go straight to storage because I had no room for them. It's a little bit overwhelming!

On view at Koskela, 1/85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, Sydney from Wednesday 22nd February.
Not only is there beautiful furniture and homewares available, but also a fantastic cafe. I salivate just thinking about going in there.


Anna said...

Gorgeous, Kate!

Wish I could see them in person -- please take lots of photos!


jodie said...

KB, your new work is superb! Good luck with the exhibition. But mainly...eat some ace stuff.

Kate Banazi said...

Thankyou both and yes of course I will. Wish you could both be here for the eating of nice stuff :)